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Classes include painting, and drawing.

Coming soon!

There will be a graphic of what paintings we will have.

Art Classes

Enrol in the monthly class.
Monthly Classes are generally 2 classes a week. Art classes include everything from painting, drawing, origami, and maybe more depending on supplies. I am always looking for more Ideas.
There are 2 different times, home school hours and after school fun.
You can sign up for all classes and receive a discount or just a class here and there.

Private Classes

Have a bunch of friends and want to get your craft on? Why not gather them around zoom and have your wine ‘n party here! We can cook, bake, paint, draw, if you have an idea lets work on it together.


Other Classes

There will also be activity classes, with cooking, baking and crafts. (Or any ideas you have! Message me through the Contact form!)