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Booking a Party?
Be sure your email is correct!
First pick a date, (or 2) and let me know in the message).
Then go to on instagram to see what you and your friends would like to paint.
Let me know if you will be paying for everyone coming, or if each person will pay for themselves.
Then I will send you an information invite which includes, ZOOM ID, Supplies, painting and payment information.
You will also see on the the main page a link to your party to make either one payment or multiple payments.

Cost 8$ US/ 10$ CAD Per person

DON’T HEAR FROM ME? May be an email problem.
Try direct emailing me at
Thank you
Where do I sign up?    

Check out enrollment page.

What if I missed a class?  

Due to how inexpensive the class is no refunds or exchanges will be offered at this time. .

What if I don’t have a credit card?    

I’m sorry at this time I can only accept credit cards. If you have any requests though please feel free to message me

Your class was fun, but I found it too big.    

I understand what you mean, if you would prefer more private classes or smaller class sizes please contact me.

Can you teach _____?    

Send me a message, you never know!